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Why GM Clean Energy

Injera biogas stove and efficient Mitad/baking pan/

GM Clean Energy and Fuel Efficient Technology Developer and Disseminator plc/GM Clean Energy/ is establishment is based on the accomplishment of innovativeness on clean energy technologies of Injera /flat bread of Ethiopian food/baking in Ethiopia. The company manufacture and sell Injera biogas stove and efficient composite Mitad/baking pan/ for rural off grip low income people.


Reduse high fuel consuption
Reduce GHGs emission,
Save money of customers,
Reduce respiratory disease
Reduce deforestation,
Creat job opportunities,
Greatly contribute for green economy
Save time of fire wood collection and gathering from long distance,
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Impacts and acievemnts

More than 2300 products distributed
More than 10,000 peoples are benefited
High amount of CO2 and others GHGs emission reduced

General Querries!

With other injera stove , the Effficient
Mitad alone – reduce ~74% fire wood
consuption when compared with
traditional Mitad

Both injera biogas stove and Efficent Mitad –
reduce 100% of fuel wood with since biogas fuel used

End users get service of
installation, how to use
the product and after
sale service .